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Function documentationReassigning Changes to Other Projects


You can reassign normal changes, general changes, test messages, and administrative changes to other projects.

Note Note

Normal changes can only be reassigned to other projects as long as the change document has not been approved to be imported preliminarily. Once a preliminary import has been started, for example, by importing the original transport of a normal change into a quality assurance system, you can no longer reassign it to another project.

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Caution Caution

Reassigning a change to another project should be carried out with caution because not only the change documents but also the source and target projects are affected.

SAP does not recommend to reassign urgent changes.

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You can only reassign a change, if the following prerequisites are fulfilled:

  • All transport of copies of the original transport requests have been imported before you can reassign a normal change.

  • If you have not activated the central Change and Transport System (central CTS) for your project, all transport requests of the change must modifiable. If you have activated central CTS, this prerequisite does not apply.

  • No solution has been checked out for the change. If the related request for change has only one change document assigned, no solution has been checked out for the request for change either.

  • The current status of the change document allows the reassignment of the change. You can define this in Customizing under Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step Capabilities Next navigation step Change Request Management Next navigation step Change Request Management Framework Next navigation step Adjust UI Objects by User Status End of the navigation path.

    Note Note

    By default, the change document needs to be in status “In Development” for you to be able to reassign it. However, you can change this in Customizing.

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You can only reassign a change, if the following prerequisites for the target project are met, that is, for the project the change is to be reassigned to.

  • For the transport requests of the change, the respective development systems need to be available as the target project’s development systems.

  • The production system which is identified by the IBase component of the change needs to be available in the target project. Its system role type is production system.

  • The target project is not the source project.

  • The cycle phase of the target project allows the reassignment of a change.


To reassign a change document to another project, proceed as follows:

  1. In the change document, choose Start of the navigation path More Next navigation step Change Project Assignment End of the navigation path.

    The system displays a dialog box.

  2. Search for the project to which you want to reassign the change.

  3. Select the project, and choose Reassign Change Transaction.

Result: The system reassigns the change to the new project.

Note Note

If a change document is linked to a request for change which only contains one document, the request for change is reassigned to the target project, too.

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