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Procedure documentationAssigning BPMS Processes


Depending on the available CE servers in your project or solution landscape, you receive a list of possible processes of the Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) through the corresponding logical component. You can add BPMS processes as business processes or process steps depending on the position in the structure hierarchy.


  1. In the project or solution structure, navigate to the desired hierarchy level where you would like to insert the BPMS process:

    • Business scenario

    • Business process

    • Process step

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path BPMS Process Next navigation step New Next navigation step Insert BPMS Process as <Step or Process> End of the navigation path.

    The next window displays all available BPMS processes of the connected BPMS server. The system determines the appropriate BPMS processes based on the software component versions of the product instances in the project landscape.

    Using the corresponding icons you can display the documentation or process graphic for a BPMS process. The call takes place directly in the source system.

  3. To copy a BPMS process into your structure, select one and confirm your selection.


The BPMS process appears at the desired place in the structure hierarchy and is indicated with a corresponding icon. The business process graphic is updated.

If you insert a BPMS process as a process on the scenario or business process level, the system automatically creates an additional node with BPMS steps as a placeholder on the process step level and assigns it the logical component of the CE product instance BP and Event Management. This indicates that the BPMS process contains a series of process steps that you can display in the process graphic in the source system.

If necessary, you can define additional interfaces between BPMS processes and the existing business processes on the Component View tab.