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Background documentationCDMC Projects


CDMC project administration involves the following features:

  • Create Project

    You can create a new project in the initial screen of the application. Right-click the project type, for example Clearing Analysis Projects or Upgrade / Change Impact Analysis Projects, and choose Create. Enter a five-digit project ID and a description of the project and choose Execute.

    The project ID is a unique identifier for the project. You can choose any five-digit number not yet assigned to a CDMC project in the SAP system.

  • Open Project

    To open a project, select a project and choose Execute. You can then view the tree structure that lists the various activities for the project.

  • Delete Project

    To delete a project, you must have the role SAP_CDMC_MASTER. In addition, there must be no activity in the project currently running, or scheduled. To delete a project, select the project and choose Delete.

  • Ad Hoc Analysis

    This option is available for both Clearing Analysis projects and Change and Transport System Analysis projects. You can execute some Clearing Analysis activities without creating a project. You execute these activities in the analysis system; they do not require statistics collection.

    You can view the activities in the tree structure. Unlike a project, you can only execute one activity at a time. This means that you can only view the results for one activity at a time. If you want a cumulative result for more than one activity, you can create a Clearing Analysis project.

    You can also execute an ad-hoc analysis for CTS projects. Ad-hoc analysis has the same features as a normal CTS project, but you can execute the activities Define Project Landscape and Determine Object Set multiple times (even after executing other activities in the project). This can be advantageous, for example, if you want to include additional transport requests in the analysis after you have executed most activities in a project without creating a new project. You can also use an ad-hoc analysis to analyze a different project landscape without creating a new project. Note that If you execute either activity again, the results of any executed analysis activities are deleted.