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You can copy a solution from one system to another, by solution transfer. The system copies the following solution data:

  • Documents

  • Issues, Top Issues and Expert-on-Demand requests

  • Service plans

You can transfer a solution either in one transport request for all data, or in two transport requests. If you use two transport requests, the solution data is distributed as follows:

  • one transport request with Issues, Top Issues, Expertise on Demand requests and service plans

    The Issues, Top Issues, Expertise on Demand requests and service plans are exported in a local zip file. The zip file contains several XML files. The name of one of the XML files has the prefix Steering and controls the import.

  • a second transport request containing the documents assigned to the solution

The system does not copy the data of existing SAP EarlyWatch Alerts.

Note Note

Note that this function is designed to transfer a complete solution in one go. The function cannot be used to transfer any changes made to data in test systems to production systems.

End of the note.


  1. Start the transaction Solution Transfer (SOLUTION_TRANSFER).

  2. Choose the solution from the input help.

  3. Choose the scope.

    The system collects the assigned data in a transport request, and displays the transport request number.

  4. Choose Export.

  5. On the next screen, save the export file locally.


Import the solution into the target system.

For more information, see Importing Solutions.