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 Analysis: Services


You want to analyze the contents of services for a solution.


You have scheduled and performed the corresponding service.

Note Note

The service SAP EarlyWatch Alert is the system default service. You can select other services from the input help.

End of the note.


To call the service analysis:


The report selection screen appears.


  1. If you create Service Reports , choose the Service and parameters you require:

    • System analysis

    • Reporting period

    • Selection of reporting content

      To select, create, or edit selection parameters for reporting content, choose Maintain Selection Parameters.

      You can select basic and service data in the following screen.

      Basic data selection:

      You can use system attributes which you entered yourself in the System Landscape Maintenance (transaction: SMSY), as parameters:

      1. Choose transaction SMSY.

      2. Choose Start of the navigation path Utilities Next navigation step Attribute Definition End of the navigation path .


        Service data selection:

        Flag the service data you want to analyze in the Active field.

        You can add user service data from the corresponding service. Choose Insert Check from Selection or Attach Check from Selection.

        You can get the information from a service which has been performed:

      3. Open the appropriate service.

      4. Choose the desired check.

      5. Choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Technical Information. End of the navigation path

      6. If you want to filter values, set the Filter Name flag for the required parameter, and set the value in the Filter Value column.

  2. Choose Save Selection to create your own selection variant.

    A dialog box appears.

  3. Specify a meaningful name for the selection.


  1. Perform the analysis.

    The analysis is presented in ALV grid format. You can adjust the layout to your requirements.

    If you want to save the analysis as a document in the SAP Solution Manager as a *.csv file, choose Export Table as Attachment .

  2. Go back to the initial screen.

    You can download the analysis to your local PC as an Excel file.

    You can also schedule the report as a background job, SM_ REP :RDSWP_ REP _SERVICES, to send it automatically by mail. You have created a variant for your report. Proceed as follows:

    1. Choose the scheduling symbol in the initial screen of your report.

    2. Select your variant.

    3. Choose Schedule .

    4. You are in the job definition screen.

    5. Define the processing for the report.

    6. Schedule the report.

    7. The system runs the report automatically.

You call the function in the SAP Engagement and Service Delivery Work Center as follows:

  1. Choose Solution Reporting Tools in the Reports view.

  2. Choose Service Reporting in the row of the desired solution.

  3. Choose the criteria and perform the analysis.

  4. To get a summary of one or more analysis, select rows and choose Start of the navigation path Other… Next navigation step Summary End of the navigation path .

    The system generates an HTML report.