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  Check RFC Connection for System Monitoring


You check the availability of the selected systems. If you have not defined an RFCconnection between the systems before setting-up the system monitoring, this check has the status red.


Critical status (red)
  1. Call the Solution Manager System Landscape (transaction SMSY) .

  2. Generate your RFC connection in the Clients tab.

  3. Set the Assign RFC Dest. for System Monitoring flag.

  4. Save your entries.

    The system classifies the check as uncritical in the session.

Uncritical status (green)
  1. Select the Set-Up RFC Connections for Monitoring check in the SAP Solution Manager system monitoring set-up session .

  2. Check the table entries.

  3. To save the check, choose the pushbutton Save + next w/o Check .

    You go to the next unprocessed check.