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 Transporting Projects


You can transport projects between systems.

When you transport a project, all project data created in SAP Solution Manager is transported:

Header data (general data, scope)

Project-specific information such as project documentation, project team member assignments, and status assignments

Cross-project information such as general documentation

Project structure and its assignments

Objects from the managed systems that have been assigned to the project structure and objects that were created by SAP Solution Manger in the managed systems are not automatically transported with a project. You transport these objects between the component systems in separate transport requests. For more information, see Using a Template .

Transporting Template Projects

If you want to edit a template project in a different system after transporting it, you have to transport it into the new system in a relocation transport, which changes its original system to the target system.

For further information on how to set the original system of a transported project to a new system, refer to the "Solution" section of SAP note 1304462.


You are on the initial screen of Project Administration .


Select the project in the project overview.

Choose Transport Project or Project Transport.

Specify the transport scope in the following dialog box. To transport the project without project documentation, deselect the With Notes indicator. The project documentation is transported by default.

Specify a transport request or create a new one.

Confirm your entries.