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Function documentationTest Plan Message Overview


The message overview gives an overview of the messages created in a test plan. Testers create messages if a test could not be performed.


  • You have created test plans in SAP Solution Manager, and testers have started to test.

  • A message system, in which testers can create messages, is connected to the SAP Solution Manager.

  • You have a user in the message system.


The message overview includes the following information:

  • Message Status

  • Message Priority

  • Reporter

  • Current Processor

  • Message Short Text

  • Test Case and Test Plan

You can perform the following actions for the messages of a test plan, in the message overview

  • Display

  • Print

  • Filter

  • Export to Office application

  • Save to a local file

  • Send by E-Mail

You can open a message by double-click to display and process it in your message system.

Note Note

If your Solution Manager message system is a basis system, process messages for which you are the processor, in transaction DNOTIFWL.

If your Solution Manager message system is a CRM system, process messages in IT Service Management.

End of the note.


  1. Start the Test Plan Management in the Test Management work center.

  2. Select a test plan and choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Message Overview End of the navigation path.

    The system displays an overview of the messages for the test plan.

  3. Optional: To display further details of a message, choose the message ID.

  4. Optional: You can specify that messages assigned to a test case are continuously updated. For further information, see Update Messages Automatically or Manually.