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 Display Trace of Incoming Distribution Requests


The trace display displays all logged procedures in the system which were called by Customizing Distribution. It supports troubleshooting if a customizing distribution failed.

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Various Customizing Distribution analyses can also help you to identify errors.

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All procedures which are called by the Customizing Distribution in the SAP Solution Manager system, are logged by trace.


With the trace display, you can:

  • see all distribution requests received in the SAP Solution Manager system

    Distribution requests arise when customizing has been changed in the source system and written into a transport request. The SAP Solution Manager system checks whether these customizing changes are also relevant for target systems in a project.

  • display Customizing Distribution logs which have been created for a transport request in a source system

  • display source transport requests to a Customizing Distribution

The trace display includes the following data:

  • Transport request

  • Customizing Distribution source system

  • Time of distribution request

  • User who made distribution request

  • Number of customizing objects changed

  • Number of target systems into which customizing objects have been, or are to be, distributed

  • Last Customizing Distribution action or error message


  1. Start the trace display with Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Trace Display End of the navigation path in the Customizing Distribution log menu.

  2. Find the transport request whose customizing distribution you want to check, in the display.

  3. Check whether the Customizing Distribution is flagged as successful.

  4. If there is a log for the transport request, double-click on it.

  5. If there is no log, display the last action in the system, or the error message in the overview, and check possible causes of error.

    If no log has been created, no customizing was distributed. This can be because:

    Customizing was changed in the source system, but the change is not distribution-relevant, because, for example, the customizing objects are not in any synchronization group.

    The Customizing Distribution found no target system.