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Procedure documentationSetting Notification for Systems


This procedure sets the notification details for systems. The notification setting of a system is the default setting of work modes planned for it.


You have maintained recipients and recipient lists in Notification Management.

For more information, see Notification Management.


  1. Navigate to the Technical Administration work center.

  2. Choose Work Mode Management.

  3. In the Type Selection area, select Technical Systems.

  4. Select a system.

  5. Choose Work Mode Management.

  6. Display the work modes, embedded or in a new window.

  7. To maintain the notification details, select a system.

  8. Choose Set Up Notifications.

  9. Perform the following:

Adding Recipients to the System
  1. Choose Add Recipients.

  2. In the Recipients Defined in the Central Notification Management window, add the recipients.

Maintaining Default Notification Schedule for Systems
  1. Choose Edit Default Schedule.

  2. In the Default Notification Schedule for System <system name> window, edit the notification schedule.

Maintaining Default Notification Schedule for Recipients
  1. Select the recipient.

  2. Choose Edit Schedule.

  3. In the Notification Schedule for Selected User window, edit the notification schedule.

Editing Notification Templates
  1. Choose Edit Text Templates.

  2. Select the template.

  3. In the Notification Template Editor for <mode of communication> window, edit the text.