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Function documentationCheck Rules


Check rules rate Analysis Structure Nodes in the analysis. Check rules are the check items and check steps that belong to a structure node, for example, a business process.

The Solution Documentation Assistant work center displays the check rules of an analysis projects in the Check Rules area of the Analysis Project View. You can check whether, and which, check rules belong to a structure node, and edit the assignments. You can also create or edit check items and check steps.


  • You have called the Analysis Projects view in the Solution Documentation Assistant work center.

  • You have clicked on the name of an analysis project in the Analysis Projects List to open the view of this analysis project.

  • You have clicked on an analysis structure node that shows a business scenario, a business process, or one of its business process.


The check rules are displayed in two tables:

  • Check items. The table header shows the type and name of the node to which the check items in the list are assigned.

    Example Example

    Check item for 'Create Purchase Order' business process

    End of the example.
  • Check steps. The table header shows the type of the check items to which the check steps in the table are assigned.


  • To display the check steps that are assigned to a check item, select the check item in the table.