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Function documentationUsing IT Perfomance Reporting


IT Performance Reporting displays the development of the most important monitoring data in your monitored systems, through time, centrally, to identify potential problems early, and give an overview of the load and performance of your systems.

The reports contain various periods, from the current day to the previous year, so you can see both the current, and the long-term development of the performance values. The values for each period are displayed in the appropriate level of detail.


IT Performance Reporting is in the Solution Manager System Monitoring work center.


You have set-up IT Performance Reporting (see Set-Up IT Performance Reporting).


To call IT Performance Reporting, choose System Status or Proactive Monitoring in the System Monitoring work center navigation toolbar, and then IT Performance Evaluations.

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If you selected a system from the list at the start of IT Performance Reporting, it is already selected in the report called by this system.

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The reports are displayed in a new window; the system reports of interactive reporting are also displayed. For more information, see:

Note Note

Unlike the navigation for the interactive reports in the Technical Monitoring work centre, you choose the systems for which you want to display the reports in a navigation bar on the left of the screen. Select the desired systems and choose Apply.

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