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Function documentationConfiguration of BW-Based Reporting in Test Management


If you want to analyze test management with BW-based reporting in a BW system, you must ensure that the required data is passed regularly from the SAP Solution Manager system, to the BW system.


You have authorization for BW reporting in test management. For further information, see the SAP Solution Manager Security Guide on SAP Service Marketplace under Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step SAP Components End of the navigation path.


BW System Settings

The following settings are required:

  • RFC connections between the SAP Solution Manager and BW systems

    The RFC connections are created when the managed systems are configured, in the SAP Solution Manager basic configuration.

    Alternatively, get the SAP Solution Manager and BW system RFC destinations from the transaction SM59. If the BW client is in the SAP Solution Manager system, use the value NONE.

  • Time zone for BW data timestamp

    Every timestamp is based on this time zone.

  • BW administration user

    In the SAP Solution Manager basic configuration, you specify the BW system user who can activate the BI content.

  • Forced BI Content Activation

    By default, the flag to force BI content activation is set in initial configuration, or after an upgrade.

Note Note

When you upgrade to the current release, you must migrate your BW data, if you already use BW reporting in test management. Data must be migrated so that you can continue to use your existing BW data in the updated BI content structures. SAP Note 1433304Information published on SAP site contains further information.

End of the note.

You can display the set-up settings made, in the log.

Data Extraction Settings

Specify the interval for the data extraction from the SAP Solution Manager system. By default, extraction is daily at 23:30, so analyses in the BW system are based on the latest day's data. If the interval is not sufficient for the data processing, it is automatically adjusted.

Note Note

Since BW-based reporting for test management and Reporting in Incident Management are based on a common infrastructure, the frequency of data loading for these two scenarios is mutually dependent. The data extraction for message reporting (see BW-Based Reporting Setup Settings) must be performed at least as frequently as the extraction for test management reporting. This means that you may not be able to select certain frequencies, depending on your settings for the other scenario in each case.

End of the note.
Message Reporting Settings

Message creation date, as of which you want to start the evaluation of the test data (this creation date can be in the past at the time of the configuration).

Note Note

This creation date is identical for BW-based reporting in test management and for BW-based message reporting (see BW-Based Message Reporting Settings). This means that – depending on which of the two scenarios you set up first – the creation date also applies for the other scenario.

In this configuration, the date is set in accordance with the oldest existing test management data and cannot be changed.

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Calculating the memory required for BW data

You can calculate approximately how much additional memory you will need monthly for data records in the BW system, from various criteria (e.g. number of test plans to be analyzed at the same time, test plan scope).

Health Check

Various self-checks in the SAP Solution Manager and BW system check the status of the BW reporting settings. The self-check statuses are aggregated to an overall status. If error messages are sent, you get further information about the cause of the error.


  1. In the Test Management work center, choose: Start of the navigation path Administration Next navigation step Reporting (Analytics) Settings End of the navigation path.

  2. Make the settings.

  3. Perform the self-check.

    Remove the cause of any errors, if necessary.

  4. Copy the changes.