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Procedure documentationReleasing Transport Requests


You want to trigger the release of the transport requests that are part of your changes, from the Solution Manager system.


  • A task list exists whose status is Active.

  • You have been assigned the SAP_CM_DEVELOPER_COMP role in the SAP Solution Manager system.

    Note Note

    If you execute this task from within the Schedule Manager, you must have been assigned the SAP_CHANGEMAN_OPERATOR role in the managed system.

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To release a transport request from within a change document, proceed as follows:

  • Urgent changes that are in status “In development”: Select the transport request and choose Release Transport Request.

  • Normal changes: Transport requests are automatically released when the change document moves to status “Successfully tested”.

To release a transport request from within a a task list, proceed as follows:

  1. Call transaction /TMWFLOW/MAINTINST.

  2. Select the project tab page.

  3. Click the task list for which you need to release transport requests.

  4. Under the task node of the development system, select Release Transport Request, and then start the action by clicking Schedule task.

  5. In the dialog box that appears, select the transport request(s) that you want to release.

    Note Note

    The following open transport requests are displayed:

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    • From within a change document: all requests that are assigned to the change document

    • From within a maintenance cycle task list: all requests that are assigned to the CTS project connected to the maintenance cycle

    • From within an urgent change task list: all requests that are assigned to the urgent change

      After the transport requests have been released, the task list is displayed again.

  6. Check the status of your task. If you need more information about the task, check the application log in the Daily overview of the task list.


In the selected development system, the transport requests that you specified have been released (provided that they do not contain any open tasks).

Note Note

If there are empty transport requests that meet the criteria in step 5, they are deleted.

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