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Function documentationWithdrawing Changes


If you notice in a test system that a change you made contains errors, or if you decide that you do not want to make a particular change (for a maintenance cycle or as part of an urgent change), you want to prevent the corresponding transport request containing this change from being imported into your production systems. However, it is not sufficient simply to cancel this particular import, since all transport requests that are created within a maintenance period are imported simultaneously into the production systems at the end of the period. This means that you cannot isolate the transport request that contains the unsuccessful correction. You have to deimplement the development and ship it in an additional transport request. The system automatically checks the import queue for changes to specific objects, and the latest version of a change or an object is imported. This means that if the import queue contains various versions of an object, the unsuccessful change that was made earlier than the correction to the change is overwritten by the correct version at the time of import into the production system.


  1. Create an additional transport request which you use to withdraw the unsuccessful change.

  2. This new transport request is imported into your production systems together with the other transports in the queue, and invalidates the unsuccessful change that is part of another transport request.

  3. The correct version, that is, the latest version of the object is active in the production system.