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Procedure documentationCreating Transports of Copies


You want to trigger a transport of your software changes into the consolidation system without having to transport them automatically to other systems in your transport track. The objects are transported with the version they have in the current SAP system. The original location of the objects remains unchanged.


  • A task list exists whose status is Active.

  • The tasks associated with the transport request have been released.

  • You have been assigned the SAP_CM_DEVELOPER_COMP role in the SAP Solution Manager system.

    Note Note

    If you execute this task from within the Schedule Manager, you must have been assigned the SAP_CHANGEMAN_OPERATOR role in the managed system.

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Note Note

You can also execute this task from within a change document, from the Transport Management assignment block (only possible for normal changes). In this case, you have to choose a transport request from the list, and you do not have to navigate into the task list.

When the developer sets the normal change to status “To be tested”, the transport of copies for the existing transport requests are created and exported automatically.

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To create a transport of copies from within a task list, proceed as follows:

  1. Call transaction /TMWFLOW/MAINTINST.

  2. Choose the relevant project type tab page for your project.

  3. Click the task list for which you need to create a transport of copies and select the project track.

  4. Under the task node of the development system, select Create Transport of Copies, and then start the action by choosing Execute task.

  5. In the dialog box that appears, select the original transport requests for which you want to create transports of copies.

    Note Note

    The following open transport requests are displayed:

    • From within a change document: all requests that are assigned to the change document

    • From within a maintenance cycle task list: all requests that are assigned to the CTS project connected to the maintenance cycle

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    After the transports of copies have been created, the maintenance cycle task list is displayed again.

  6. Check the status of your task. If you need more information about the task, check the application log in the Daily overview of the task list.


For each selected transport request, the object list is used to create a new transport of copies. Transports of copies are released and added to the import queue of your consolidation system. You now can import these requests to perform your tests.

Note Note

Since transports of copies are not included in the CTS delivery mechanism, they are not transported across your system, and are therefore not imported into your production system.

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If the tests of your transports of copies are successful, you release the original transports, which can then be transported across your landscape.

The transports of copies are provided with the transport request attributes SAP_CTS_PROJECT (which contains the CTS project ID) and SAP_TMWFLOW (which contains the task list ID of your task list).