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Procedure documentationDisplaying the TMS Alert Viewer


Having started an import, you have discovered that errors occurred. You now want to see more detailed information about the import. The TMS Alert Viewer provides an overview of all the actions that are performed in the Transport Management System.


  • A task list exists whose status is Active.

  • You have been assigned the SAP_CM_DEVELOPER_COMP role in the SAP Solution Manager system.


To display all actions that have been performed in the Transport Management System, proceed as follows:

  1. Call transaction /TMWFLOW/MAINTINST.

  2. Choose the project type tab page.

  3. Click the task list whose imports you need to check.

  4. Under the task node of the system for which you want to view import information, select Display TMS Alert Viewer, Execute task.

    Note Note

    Displaying the TMS alert viewer is also a header method. This means that this task can also be executed in the header area of a task list. On the screen that appears, you then have to enter the system where you want to display the TMS actions.

    The system displays the TMS Alert Viewer.

    End of the note.
  5. Choose Back.

    The task list is displayed again.

  6. Check the status of your task. If you need more information about the task, check the application log in the Daily overview of the task list.


In the TMS Alert Viewer, you see an overview of all actions that were performed in the Transport Management System. Warnings are highlighted in yellow and errors are red.