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Procedure documentationChanging the Status of Task Lists


You want to see an overview of the task lists that you have already created, view detailed information about them, or change their status.


Changing the Status of Task Lists on the Overview Screen
  1. Call transaction /TMWFLOW/MAINTINST.

  2. Select the relevant project type tab page.

    The system displays a list of the task lists whose status is Active (default setting).

  3. To display task lists that have other statuses, choose Status Selection, select the status of the projects you would also like to display, and choose Enter.

  4. Select the project or cycle whose status you want to change.

  5. Depending on which status you want, choose Lock <Project>, Activate <Project>, or Complete <Project>.

    For example, if you decide during a project that no tasks are to be executed for a certain period of time, you can lock the task list. To do so, in the overview table, select the task list, and choose Lock Project/Maintenance Cycle. You can only continue to execute tasks for this cycle once you have activated the task list again.

    If the end of a particular cycle has been reached, you set the status of the cycle to Completed by choosing Complete Project/Maintenance Cycle. This ensures that no more tasks can be executed and no more changes can be made to this task list. However, once a task list has been completed, it can no longer be locked or activated.

  6. You can display additional information about a task list by selecting it and choosing Display Production Systems or Display Development/Maintenance Systems or by clicking the entry in the Development System/Maintenance System, or Production System columns. If there is more than one production or development system/maintenance system assigned to the project, a list of the corresponding systems is displayed.

Changing the Status of Tasks and Task Groups in the Task List
  1. Click the entry in the Task List/Maintenance Cycle column or choose Display Project/Maintenance Cycle.

    The system displays the task list in the Schedule Manager where you can execute tasks.

    Note Note

    New task lists have the status Initial. Before you can execute tasks for a new task list, or change the task list, you have to set its status to Active, and then unlock the task groups and tasks in the Schedule Manager.

    End of the note.
  2. Choose Status.

    The system displays the Set Status for Project dialog box.

  3. Select Active.

  4. To release the task groups and tasks, select the first entry of the task group hierarchy in the task list that has the status Locked.

  5. Click this entry with the secondary mouse button and choose either Lock/Unlock Group (to release only this task group and its tasks), or Lock/Unlock Group/Subsequent Groups (to release all task groups and their tasks).

  6. If you need to delete a task list, select the corresponding row in the Schedule Manager and then choose Start of the navigation path Task List Next navigation step Delete End of the navigation path.

  7. If the status of the task list has changed since you displayed the task list, you can refresh the display by choosing Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Refresh End of the navigation path.

    You can also see the following:

    • Description of the task list

    • User who set the last status

    • When the task list was generated

    • When the task list was last activated

    • When the task list was completed

    • Which tool created the task list (Change Request Management or IT Service Management)