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Procedure documentationSpecifying Critical Customizing Objects


To specify critical Customizing objects to be approved before they can be exported.




  1. Call transaction /TMWFLOW/CMSCONF.

  2. Select the Critical Objects tab page.

  3. Select the systems and clients for which to specify critical objects.

  4. In the Object Type field, choose Customizing.

  5. Choose Create or Change, depending on whether to create a new entry or change an existing one.

  6. Enter the relevant data.

    Note Note

    Enter data in the Master Type and Master Name fields. See F1 help for more information about the Master Type field.

    If you are not sure which master type to enter, check the object list of your transport request which contains such a customizing change and check the Object Type column. N

    You can use a wildcard (*) in the master name, view name, table name and table key fields.

    End of the note.
  7. Choose Save.


The objects that you specified are now flagged as critical. You can specify that an object is critical only for specified systems or clients. Choose Specify System and Client.

An entry has been made in the application log, including the date of the action and the user name. You can view the log from the Client-Specific Export Checks (Active) group box, by choosing Application Log.

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