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Function documentationSystem Change Option


System change options are interpreted according to system roles. A logical system that has the role of development system in one project, for example, cannot simultaneously have the role of test system in another project. In a system in which a client has the role of test client for project 1 and in a different client has the role of development client for project 2, cross-client changes are not permitted. The system change options interpret the change options of systems, components, name spaces, and clients and relate them to the roles of SAP Solution Manager projects.


In transaction /TMWFLOW/CMSCONF, on the Change Management - Central Configuration screen, you can display and change certain system change options by selecting the System Change Option tab page.

  • Overview of the systems and clients in your project landscape that you defined in SAP Solution Manager. The icon legend displays the meaning of the symbols for each system and client in the list.

  • Project assignment

    You can check for each system whether it is mandatory to assign transport requests to a project. If all clients that are defined as logical systems of a transport route are mandatory, the whole system project assignment state is set to mandatory. If one client that is defined as a logical system of a transport route is set to optional, the whole system project assignment state is set to optional. Other clients can be displayed here, but they do not belong to your project landscape.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    We recommend that you set the assignment of transport requests to a project as mandatory. To change this setting, double-click the relevant entry. The system navigates to the relevant system where you can change the setting.

    End of the recommendation.
  • Software components and name spaces / name ranges

    You can display the change options of your remote systems by double-clicking a system name in the System/Client column. If you want to change any component or name space change options, you can double-click the relevant entry on the right-hand side of the screen Software Components or Namespace/Name Range table).

  • Client settings and project status switches

    You can display client settings of your remote systems by expanding the first node in the overview (System/Client column), and then double-clicking the corresponding client. The system displays two tables in the right-hand screen area: Client <number> and Project Status Switch.

    If you want to change any client settings, you can double-click the relevant entry in the Client <number> table.

    You cannot change the project status switches on this screen (see Activating Project Status Switches).

    Note Note

    Since the system change option data has to be buffered in SAP Solution Manager, you either have to schedule the background job for synchronizing the system landscape, or you schedule the background job /TMWFLOW/CONFIG_BATCH_GET. This background job is started with the SMSY set-up program.

    End of the note.
  • Access to various administrative transactions, for example, to the transport organizer and DB performance analysis.