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Procedure documentationTracking Changes for a Project


You want to track changes to an SAP Solution Manager project or an IMG project, and their transport requests.


You have called transaction/TMWFLOW/TRMO.


  1. Select the Search tab page.

  2. Under Project Analysis, choose an SAP Solution Manager project or an IMG project.

  3. Choose Search.

    The systems assigned to the project, and their system roles (development, consolidation, testing, production, and so on), are displayed. The sequence of the system roles shows their sequence in the transport track that you defined previously, in the Transport Management System (TMS).

  4. To display the systems with a specified system role, choose the corresponding column header (for example, Development System).


In the lower screen area, the system displays information on transport requests for the selected system role. This includes import errors, whether transport requests were imported in the correct sequence into the target system (sequence violations), and whether there are inconsistencies in the source and target systems concerning the export and import of change requests (delta errors). The date indicates when data was last collected.

Note Note

For more detailed information about the transport requests, double-click on the entry in the Exported, Imported, Open, Waiting, and Imp. Errors columns. The system displays the corresponding System Analysis screen, in which you can display the transport request and task list by double-clicking on the relevant column.

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