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Procedure documentationComparing Transport Requests in Two Systems


You want to compare two systems (a development system with a consolidation system, for example) to check which transport requests have been imported or exported.


You have called transaction /TMWFLOW/TRMO.


  1. Select the Search tab page.

  2. Under System Analysis, select the two systems (and, optionally, clients) to compare.

    Note Note

    If you make entries in the Project, Date, and Time fields, they apply to both systems.

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  3. Under Status Transport Request, choose the statuses to compare.

  4. To display the support packages and SAP Notes which were imported into these systems, select Include Support Packages and Include Note Corrections.

  5. Choose Search.

    The system displays all information about the two systems, according to the selection criteria. On this comparison screen, you can choose Refresh Data, to view the data from the latest data collection.

  6. On the comparison screen, you can either display all records or choose the following options:

    • Show Delta

      You can only use this function if you selected the transport request statuses Exported and Imported on the previous screen. This function shows which changes were exported from the first system but not imported into the second one. You can also see which changes were imported into the second system but were not exported from the first one.

    • Analyze Import Sequence

      This function shows differences in the sequence in which changes were exported from the first system and imported into the second one. The system displays the sequence violations on the right-hand screen area. If there are any, you can display them by choosing Next Sequence Violation. You can then click Type in the row, to display the violation on the left-hand side of the screen.

      Note Note

      If you want to display a transport request that was exported, and check whether it was imported into the second system, click Type in the relevant row of the export system. If the system cannot find this request, an error message is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and the system finds the next transport request that was exported from the first system and imported into the second one.

      End of the note.