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Function documentationReports in Change Request Management


Change Request Management transactions consist of events in the following areas:

  • Solution and project management

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • System landscape maintenance

  • Transport Management System

Change Request Management events such as changing an object in a development system (Transport Management System transaction) or implementing an SAP Note in a system (system landscape maintenance), are processed in SAP Solution Manager solutions or projects. The events involved in a transaction are distributed across system landscapes and central management systems. They require approval procedures and a clear assignment of tasks (CRM change documents/transactions).

The Change Request Management reporting function analyzes transactions and their corresponding events in the relevant areas, summarizes them, and presents them in an overview.

Note Note

The following reports are available for Change Request Management:

  • ITSM BW Reporting

    You can analyze and graphically display the processing on incidents, problems, requests for change and change documents using detailed queries, to search for improvements in production processing.

    Depending on the transaction type, you can perform various analyses, for example the average processing time, and information about transported objects, and creation time.

    For further information about ITSM BW reporting, see the SAP Help Portal at Start of the navigation path Next navigation step <release> Next navigation step Application Help Next navigation step BI Content for SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step IT Service Management Reports End of the navigation path.

  • ITSM BW Dashboard

    You can call the ITSM BW dashboard in the WebClient UI. This management overview shows whether the monitored process is running as intended. The dashboard contains apps which tell you the number of open requests for change, the processing time, and other data. For further information about the IT Service Management dashboard, see IT Service Management Dashboard.

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Components of the Change Request Management Reporting Service
  • Data collection

    With respect to data collection, Change Request Management differentiates between two types of transactions:

    • Transactions that occur in the central SAP Solution Manager system

    • Transactions that run in the managed systems (in the production landscape, for example)

    Information about CRM transactions or SAP Solution Manager projects is always up-to-date, since access to changes in these areas occurs directly in the SAP Solution Manager system.

    A data collector is used to retrieve reporting-relevant information about the managed systems. This information is saved as persistent data in the central SAP Solution Manager system.

    How up-to-date this information is therefore depends on how often the data collector is scheduled. The data collector for the Change Request Management reporting service is identical to the data collector for the tracking service.

  • Result selection

    You select the results of the data analysis as follows:

    • Transaction /TMWFLOW/REPORTINGN

    • SAP Solution Manager evaluation (transaction SOLAR_EVAL, Change Request Management)

    You first have to specify which types of data you want to display, and then you specify filter criteria for retrieving the data.

  • Data display

    The data is displayed in an ALV grid where you can do the following:

    • Export the data to a local file

    • Export the data to a MS Excel spreadsheet

    • Navigate to the detailed view of a CRM transaction, a project, or a task list

    The Change Request Management reporting service allows you to select and display the following:

    • CRM change transactions

    • SAP Solution Manager solutions and projects

    • Change Request Management task lists

    • Systems

    • Support packages

    • SAP Notes

    • Transport requests

    • Transport objects

      Note Note

      To select and display transport objects, the object reporting service must be activated (see the Customizing activity Configure Change Request Management Reporting Service). To save transport object information in the central SAP Solution Manager system, you must ensure that your database has sufficient capacity. We recommend that you use database monitoring tools to monitor your database capacity on a regular basis.

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  • Status of data

    Note Note

    To use the reporting service for retrieving data from the managed systems in your system landscape, the managed systems must have at least the following Support Package level:

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    The Change Request Management data collector is scheduled to run once an hour. The data collector for /tmwflow/reporting is job SM:TMWFLOW_CMSSYSCOL, ABAP program: /TMWFLOW/CMSSYSCOL2. The collector can only run once the last run has been completed. The date and time of the last data collector run are displayed on the Change Request Management reporting screen (Status of Data). If, for any reason, the data collector does not run in a particular system, (due to system downtime, for example), this system is displayed below the date and time display (Status of Data) as a discrepant system (Discrepant Systems). A pushbutton for updating the managed system information online is available next to this display. Once you have updated this data successfully, the Discrepant Systems display disappears.

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