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Process documentationCreating Training Materials and Learning Maps


When new solutions and functions are introduced, end users must be trained in the new functions which they will use. In the Solution Manager, you generate learning maps for the areas of responsibility of the end users, e.g. for the new functions which the purchasers in your company will use, from the existing project structure. A learning map is the contents of a computer-supported self-learning course, presenting brief information about the learning units, and links to the training materials, in HTML format.

You can put E-learning materials, e.g. SAP Tutors, in the self-learning course. Additionally, you can use the SAP Workforce Performance Builder to link educational content such as documentation, simulations, and test scripts with SAP Solution Manager business process steps. See E-Learning with SAP Workforce Performance Builder.


You have created a project structure in the Business Blueprint phase.

You have authorization for the transaction Configuration, or the roles Application Consultant or Project Leader.


  1. You Copy Roles for the user groups to which you want to send the learning maps, e.g. purchaser or book-keeper, or create new roles, if required.

  2. While creating a Business Blueprint and in the Realization phase Assign Learning Materials to the structure elements in your project, in the Business Blueprint and Configuration transactions , e.g. E-learning material such as SAP Tutors, presentations or test cases.

  3. To be able to filter the project structure by the user groups (roles), to whom certain learning units are relevant, assign these roles to the structure elements, in the transactions Business Blueprint and Configuration.

  4. After your project test phase, create learning units from the project structure and the learning material assigned to it, in the transaction Manage Learning Maps, and generate Learning Maps in HTML format out of them, for the user groups (roles).

  5. Send a link to the learning map to the end user.

  6. The end users work through the learning units independently.

  7. The end users rate the learning units and the learning map.

  8. You rate the end user ratings.


You can download the learning map from the Solution Manager, to edit it with other tools, or publish it.