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  Development Tab


You can put your own developments and modifications in your implementation project for central access, in the Development tab. You specify the developments and modifications which you have made in your implementation project.


You have created a project and defined the corresponding system landscape in the Project Administration. For more information, see Project Administration .

You have created a Business Blueprint for your project and a project structure with her business scenarios. For more information, see Business Blueprint .

You have authorization for the authorization object AI_SA_TAB. The fields must have the following values: Tab in SAP Solution Manager (Tabname) = DEV, Activity (ACTVT) = 02.


  • You can assign packages, programs, transactions, Internet services, BSP applications and BSP extensions to the structure elements.

  • You can go to workbench objects (packages, programs, transactions, Internet services, BSP applications and BSP extensions) in the satellite systems.

  • You can assign transport requests to the structure elements in the Development tab, for example to put the modifications in a transport request, into your implementation project. You can go to the transport requests in the satellite systems.

  • You can specify the processing status and the person responsible for an assignment.


  1. You have modified a customizing object so that current settings are possible in your system, and written this change into a transport request.

  2. You assign this transport request in the Development tab, to document the modification.

  3. If this modification is overwritten by importing a Support Package, repeat the modification with the assigned transport request.