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 Transactions Tab


On this tab page, you can assign individual process steps to transactions, programs, and other objects. By doing so, you define how a process step is mapped in the SAP system.


The selected transactions are suggested as test cases in the test organization in SAP Solution Manager when a test plan is generated.


To assign process steps to transactions, a system landscape must be defined in the project management. For further information, see the System Landscape tab.


Assigning Transactions, Programs, and Other Objects to a Process Step and Executing Them

You can assign the following objects to individual process steps:

Note Note

If the associated system exists, you can also assign transactions and programs that do not yet exist. This can be useful, for example, if you want to enter all of the information for a project step together, but will only develop these transactions or programs later. In this case, after making the assignment, confirm the dialog box with the confirmation prompt.

End of the note.
  • CRMBSP Applications

  • Web Dynpro applications (ABAP or Java)

  • Transactions

  • Programs

  • Job documentation

    You can create new job documentation or assign existing documentation. For more information, see Job Documentation.

  • Predefined URL from directory

    SYou can assign URL objects that you have predefined in the (transaction SE80).

  • Web address or file

    Note Note

    • You can insert internet/intranet links by entering a descriptive text and the Web address. You can also include URL addresses with variable parts.

      Define the value of the variables in Web addresses for your system in the customizing for the SAP Web Application Server under Start of the navigation path System Administration Next navigation step Variable Replacement in Web Addresses (URLs) End of the navigation path.

      You can, for example, replace a variable in URLs with the address of your ITS server.

      For information about the meaning of variables used in SAP Solution Manbager, see SAP Note 541309Information published on SAP site.

    • You can use the report SOLAR_DOC_URL_CHANGE in transaction SE38 to change character strings in URLs for your entire project, for example, because the file server has moved and you now want to change the directory name or file server in all affected URLs.

    End of the note.

    You can enter a file name if the browser can call an application.

You can start or open all existing transactions, programs, and other objects by double-clicking them. These then run in a new session.

You can call the online documentation from the SAP Library for transactions and programs.

Including Transactions, Programs, and Other Objects in the Project Scope/Removing Them from the Project Scope

To put an object in the project scope, select the checkbox in the In Scope column. You can remove transactions that are not required from the project scope by removing the selection in the In Scope column.

Defining a Default Transaction

By setting a selection indicator in the Default column, you can define an object, the function of which is executed when you choose the Execute icon for the corresponding process step. If you do not define a default, the Execute icon starts the first object in the list on the tab page.

Define the Processing Type

For the objects in a process step, you can specify a processing type. You can choose between the Dialog, Background, and Dialog/Background processing types. The Dialog processing type is set by default for the Program and Transaction object types. No default setting is provided for any other object types.


If there is a selection indicator in the Template column, this indicates that an object is part of a template that is reused in your project (seeWorking with a Template). When an object has been newly-added in the context of your implementation project, this indicator is not present.