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Function documentationSet-Up IT Performance Reporting


IT performance reporting displays the development of the most important monitoring data of the monitored systems through time, centrally, to identify potential problems early.

This section describes the steps you must perform to be able to use IT performance reporting in the Solution Manager System Monitoring work center.

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You set-up the Monitoring History at the same time as IT performance reporting.

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Technically, the IT performance reporting reports are based on:

  • CCMS monitoring infrastructure – gets most of the performance values in the monitored systems, and saves them temporarily, locally in a monitor segment.

  • Extractor Framework – transfers performance data from the managed systems to Business Intelligence.

  • Business Intelligence (BI) – saves and reorganizes the values collected, permanently, with all BI data management and display features.


The prerequisites are described in the SAP Solution Manager implementation guide. Summary of steps required.

Basic BI configuration

To be able to set up IT perfomance reporting, you need a configured BW. You perform the relevant setup in the SAP Solution Manager configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP, Basic Configuration area).

Configuring the Central Monitoring Infrastructure

Earlier versions of IT perfomance reporting (until SAP Solution Manager 7.0 SP15) required a central monitoring system (CEN), in which all monitored systems are configured in the CCMS monitoring infrastructure. Since the Extractor Framework (see above) is now available to transfer performance values from the monitored systems into BW, this is no longer necessary. The performance values still come from the CCMS monitoring infrastructure, but the data is read directly from the local system.

Note Note

You can still transfer the performance dat of the monitored systems via a central monitoring system. This can be useful if you already have a correctly-configured central monitoring system, in which CCMS has the connection data to the monitored systems.

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Availability and database KPI data is an exception to this rule, because it is only in the central monitoring system (see below). To configure these functions, the systems to which this data semantically belongs, must be configured in the monitoring infrastructure. If you have not yet configured CEN, configure both functions in the SAP Solution Manager system.

Configuring Availability Monitoring with CCMSPING

Two IT performance reports show the availabiity of systems and instances. This data is collected by the availability agent CCMSPING. The set-up is described in the SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide, under Start of the navigation path Technical Settings End of the navigation path.

Configuring Database KPI Monitorings

In one report, you can display the development of the size and growth of all monitored databases through time. For this data to be available centrally, you must set-up monitoring in the CCMS set-up. For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager implementation guide, under Start of the navigation path Technical Settings Next navigation step Central CCMS Configuration Next navigation step Register Systems for Monitoring Next navigation step Monitoring Database KPIs End of the navigation path.


To set up IT Performance Reporting, start the System Monitoring work center, and choose Start of the navigation path Setup Next navigation step Configure IT Performance Evaluations End of the navigation path.

The system opens a new window, Setup and Configuration. The description of the configuration is available directly in the system, in various help texts, which relate both to the setup as a whole and to the different subareas.

More Information

See also SAP note 1223266, which contains current information about setting-up IT performance reporting.