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Procedure documentationLocking and Unlocking Tabs


When you have edited the data of a tab in your project, you can lock the areas of the tab so that other project participants cannot make any changes. Depending on the structure node, you can lock and unlock entries on the following tabs:

  • General Documentation

  • Project Documentation

  • Administration

  • Transactions

  • End User Roles

  • Configuration

  • Test Cases

  • Development

  • Learning Materials

To protect data security and the integrity of the data, you can use a digital signature to identify the user who locked it.


To link locking tabs with a digital signature, you have made the settings in SAP Solution Manager Customizing, under Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step Capabilities Next navigation step Implementation/Upgrade Next navigation step Blueprint and Configuration Next navigation step Object Attributes Next navigation step Assign a Signature Strategy to a Locked Project Structure End of the navigation path.

To use the digital signature to lock tabs, choose the Project Node Assignment type.


  • To lock the entries of a tab against further editing, choose (Lock) on the tab.

    The system then opens the entries of locked tabs, for example IMG activities, in display mode.

    Note Note

    Locking a tab only prevents locked entries from being edited. You can still edit other tabs or the project structure.

    End of the note.
  • To unlock the entries of a tab, choose (Unlock) on the tab.