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Procedure documentationAssigning Testers at Test Case Level


You can assign a tester to test a test case in a test package. Only this tester can set the processing status of the test case. When testing, testers only see those test cases assigned to them, and those not assigned to any tester.

You can specify the tester's system user, or a business partner assigned to this system user.


  • You have created a test plan with at least one test package, in the test plan management, and have assigned at least one tester to the test package. For more information, see Creating Test Plans, Creating Test Plans for Projects, and Assigning a Tester to a Test Package.

    Note Note

    You can only assign test cases to testers who are also assigned to the test package.

    End of the note.
  • If you want to use business partners, you have assigned a system user to the business partner. To be able to store the system user, the business partner must have the role Team Member. Choose Start of the navigation path Master Data Next navigation step Business Partner Next navigation step Edit Business Partner End of the navigation path, in the SAP Easy Access screen.

  • If you also want to be able to use the Workflow, the e-mail address is stored with the business partner.


  1. Start the Test Plan Management.

  2. Select the test plan you want to edit (either from the input help or your favorites) and choose (Test Packages).

    You go to the test package management screen.

  3. Choose (Sequences).

    You go to the screen for editing test sequences and assigning testers.

  4. Click on a test package and choose Change.

    The system lists the assigned test cases in change mode.

  5. To assign a tester to a test case, you can:

    • Use Assign Testers

      1. Select a tester for the test package.

      2. Select a test case in the list.

      3. Click on Assign Tester.

    • Use the input help in the Tester field

    • Use direct input in the Tester field

      1. Enter a tester.

      2. Choose the user type.

  6. Save your entries.

    To perform the user check, click on Check. You can either check the selected test package or the entire test plan. For more information, see Test Plan User Check.


A tester is assigned to a test case and you can assign testers to further test cases.