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Procedure documentationDefining Leading System Role and Adding, Changing or Deleting Other System Roles



  • Check, or change, the assignment of logical components to your systems, to ensure the monitoring of your business processes (see Editing Logical Component)

  • Add other system roles, if applicable, to ensure monitoring of all the systems in your transport path


You have:


  1. Choose the Solution Directory application (SOLMAN_DIRECTORY).

  2. Select your solution.

    You can define, change and delete the system roles and logical components of your solution on the System Group tab, as follows: Proceed as follows:

    • Specify the leading role of the solution

      Note Note

      In the Solution Directory, along with a leading system role for your solution, you specify a navigation role. The standard role selected is production system. The navigation role is user-dependent, but not solution-dependent. The navigation role must correspond to the leading system role.

      An exception would be the following: You have included a system with a role other then the leading role in the solution, for example a quality assurance system. You want to call transactions in this system, instead of in the system of the leading role. To do this, you select the quality assurance system as the navigation role.

      To change the navigation role, choose Start of the navigation path Solution Directory Next navigation step Change Navigation Role... End of the navigation path, select the desired entry, and confirm.

      End of the note.
      1. Use the input help to choose the leading system role on the System Group tab.

        Note Note

        Once you have saved your entries, you can no longer change the leading system role.

        End of the note.
      2. Save.

    • Add other system roles and systems

      You choose other system roles if, for example, you also want to monitor systems other than your production systems in the solution.

      1. Choose Additional System Roles on the System Group tab.

        A dialog box appears.

      2. Select other system roles.

        Note Note

        You can define user system roles with Edit System Roles.

        • Select the field in the corresponding role.

        • Choose Copy - Product Remove System.

        • Save.

        End of the note.

        The selected system role appears on the tab with the corresponding systems.

      3. To add a system with this role to the solution, choose Put in Solution in the context menu.

        The background color turns green, and the system is in the solution.

    • Create logical component

      1. Select the input help in the Logical Components column.

      2. In the dialog box, choose the icon with the quick info Create.

        The Create Logical Component dialog box appears.

      3. Enter the required data using the input help.

        Note Note

        Your logical components must not be in the SAP namespace, and should therefore begin with the convention <Z> <component name>.

        You can also define non-SAP products in the logical component.

        End of the note.
      4. Save.

    • Change logical component

      1. Select the row for which you want to change the logical component.

      2. Choose Change Logical Component.

        The system goes to the Solution Manager System Landscape maintenance (transaction SMSY).

      3. Editing Logical Component.

      4. Save.

        Note Note

        You can change the logical component for the solution, but also for the desired substructure, for example business scenario or business process.

        End of the note.
    • Delete logical component

      1. Select the row for the logical component.

      2. Choose the Remove Logical Component quick info symbol.

      3. Save.

        Note Note

        You can only delete an assigned logical component if it is not used in any other solution. Check the use with Logical Component Where-Used List.

        End of the note.