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  Roadmap Initial View


The initial view of the Roadmap is a simplified overview of the project steps required in an SAP implementation.


The initial view shows the project team members the Roadmap steps relevant for their project. There are links to the substructures of the Roadmap structure view.



The first level of the Roadmap structure, the Roadmap phases, is arranged horizontally.

Work Area

The work area is structured, and contains links to work packages, activities and tasks in the structure view of the Roadmap. Select a link to go to the structure view of the Roadmap in the same session. You can display the Roadmap and documents. Back takes you back to the initial view.


The system can also display the processing status, and the status of the messages of the steps or their substeps.


Filters which you use in the Roadmap structure view, also filter the initial view of the Roadmap.