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Procedure documentationCreating Incident Messages as an End User


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The screen can contain company-specific text to give the end user more information.

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  1. In the navigation area in the WebClient UI, under Create choose Incident.

    The Select Transaction Type dialog box opens.

  2. Choose the transaction type.

    Whether you have to select a transaction type depends on how your system is configured. Ask the person responsible for your system about the customer transaction types available.

    A screen opens that leads you through the incident message creation steps.

  3. Enter the title and a description.

  4. Enter the impact and the urgency. The system determines the priority of the message from these fields.

  5. To include another person in solving the incident, enter their name under Contact Person.

  6. Enter the category the incident belongs to.

    You can also add information about the affected object and the message type, as well as add attachments.

  7. Check and correct your entries.

  8. Choose Confirm and Send.