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Procedure documentationOpening a Business Blueprint Project


You use this procedure to open a business blueprint project existing in SAP Solution Manager for modifying it to enhance the business blueprint.


  1. Choose Dashboard perspective.

  2. In the My Business Blueprint Projects screen area, choose Open an existing business blueprint.

  3. If you have not logged on to the SAP Solution Manager system, then enter the user credentials for the SAP Solution Manager system in the Log on dialog box.

  4. In the Open Project dialog box, open the project available in the SAP Solution Manager system.

  5. If you want to filter the projects based on their type, select an option from the Type dropdown list.

  6. Choose OK.

    Note Note

    Each project contains the following properties. You can only view Administration, Team Members, Logical Components, and Project Documentation. To modify or create these properties, you have to log on to SAP Solution Manager.

    End of the note.


    Property Name




    Details of the current project.

    Team Members

    The team members of the current project.

    Logical Components

    The logical components, product version, main instance and product of the current project are specified while creating the project in SAP Solution Manager. In BPB, each process step must be assigned to a logical component.

    General Documentation

    The SAP general reference documentation of the current project.

    Project Documentation

    The project specific documentation added by the user.



    Errors and warning messages of the project are listed.