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Procedure documentationRecording TBOMs Using a Recording Work Item


This procedure is for business process or quality experts.


To execute the work item as a business process expert, you must be specified as such in a TBOM recording work item.


For Business Process Experts
  1. Use the link that you received by e-mail to open your TBOM worklist.

  2. Select the TBOM recording work item that you want to edit.

  3. Choose Start of the navigation path Execute Next navigation step Execute End of the navigation path.

    You can also click the hyperlink in either the Description or Executable Entity column.

  4. Perform the required steps in the managed system.

  5. End the executable entities in SAP GUI by choosing the End icon. Close the application browser window of Web applications.

    When you start recording, the execution status for the recording work item switches from Open to In Execution.

    Once you have successfully completed the TBOM recording, the execution status changes to Executed. If errors occur during the recording, the execution status remains Open.

For Quality Experts
  1. Open the TBOM recording work item in change mode (see Opening TBOM Recording Work Items).

    Depending on the status, you can choose Create TBOM, Rerecord TBOM, or Enhance TBOM.

  2. Choose the function available based on the status.

    Note Note

    You use the Enhance TBOM function to record further paths through a transaction or an executable entity. You use the Rerecord TBOM function to delete all existing TBOM enhancements and start a new recording.

    End of the note.