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Function documentationSAP Solution Manager Documents


You can create, copy and manage documents in a Roadmap with Project Reference, in the Business Blueprint, the Configuration, and in the SAP Solution Manager Solution Directory.


  • The documents are saved in the Knowledge Warehouse and are available to you in the SAP Solution Manager. The system puts the documents in the context in the Knowledge Warehouse which you specified when you created the project.

  • To put a document in the Business Blueprint document, flag it as 'Blueprint-Relevant' in the document attributes. The order of the documents determines their order in the Business Blueprint document.

  • Documents in the Project Documentation tab are not put in the template in a template project. If you want to deliver documents as part of a template, assign them in the General Documentation tab.


  • You can add your documentation types to the delivered documentation types, in the Project Standards tab, in the Project Administration.

  • You have made the settings required to create web links (URLs) to documents, under Document Management, in the Solution Manager IMG.


  • With Add Document, you can:

    • Create new documents

      You assign a document type to all documents you create. A document template is called, depending on the document type. You can only use document types that either have a document template or a file name extension supported by the SAP Solution Manager. If a document type has no template or file name extension, the text editor is started.

    • add documents as link to existing SAP Solution Manager documents, system-wide, across projects and solutions; changes are made to the original document

    • copy documents whose originals are in the SAP Solution Manager, system-wide, across projects and solutions, and that you can change independently of the original document.

    • Upload a file

    • Link to a web site

  • To delete project documentation or its assignment to a structure element, choose Delete Row.

    For documents created as a link to another document, both the row in the table and the link are deleted. If the document to be deleted is the only instance of this document, the author can delete it physically.

  • Choose Where-Used List to find out at which structure elements a document is used.

  • You can export documents.

  • With Attributes, you can:

    • in the History tab:

      • display the change history of a document

      • filter by document status

      • display the versions of a document

    • in the Link tab: link to other documents

    • You can create a web link (URL) to a document with Create URL to Document, so that, e.g. management can access Solution Manager documents without access to a Solution Manager system.

  • You can check documents out with the pushbutton Check Document In/Out. When you check a document out, you lock it for changes by other users. To unlock the document, check it in. You can only check documents in which you have previously checked out.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    If you lose connection to the Solution Manager, you can lose documents. If you want to edit a document for some time, check it out and edit it offline.

    End of the recommendation.