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You can use this function to check the status of all the DVM extractors in your SAP Solution Manager system. You can check the status of all completed or scheduled jobs and group systems by your own criteria to facilitate monitoring. The system also displays the number of service sessions you have defined and allows you to navigate to the related service documents.


You have completed the step Activate DVM Extractors in the Data Volume Management scenario of SAP Solution Manager Configuration. You can only display status information for extractors that are already active. For more information, see SAP Solution Manager Configuration



You can monitor the status of the extractors in the following views:

  • My Technical Scenarios

    Shows the status of all the extractors for the technical scenarios that you have assigned to your favorites. When you choose Add Favorites, the View of Favorites window appears, in which you can add systems to your favorites with the Personalize checkbox. You must have created a technical scenario (type DVM).

  • All Technical DVM Scenarios

    Shows the status of all the extractors for the technical scenarios of type DVM.

  • Technical Systems

    Shows the status of all extractors for ABAP-based technical systems.

  • Extractors

    Shows the status of all the extractors in the entire system landscape.

For each view, the system displays how many extractors are in each status. For example, you can see how many extractors are currently active on your ABAP-based technical systems.

When you choose one of these statuses, extractor management for the extractor framework opens. You can see an overview of the extractor properties. If you have the correct authorizations, you can change the extractor settings, such as the start and stop times. You can also check the status of the last data extraction and the log information.


The analysis jobs can be monitored in the following views:

  • Job Status

  • Analysis Type

  • Execution mode

You can choose an analysis type to open Analysis Administration. You can check the status, log, and the details of each analysis, or create new analyses.

Solutions and Services

You can check how many service sessions there are at the systems and solutions level. In both areas, the system shows the number of service sessions you have selected as well as the total number of service sessions.

You can navigate to the Service Documents scenario and display or create the related service documents for service sessions. As soon as you add new service sessions, the status summary is updated to reflect the changes.