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Component documentationMaintenance Optimizer


Maintenance Optimizer leads you through the planning, download and implementation of new software versions in existing systems. This includes the following actions:

  • Implementing support package stacks, which contain a set of support packages for your systems.

  • Implementing enhancement packages and upgrades, for which Maintenance Optimizer provides the required files.

Maintenance Optimizer gives you an overview of all maintenance activities in your system landscape.

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You can use the landscape planning tool in SAP Support Portal to simulate and plan changes. For more information, see Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step Landscape Planning End of the navigation path.

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This section explains the applications to which Maintenance Optimizer is connected, and the functions resulting from this integration.

  • Maintenance Optimizer is connected to the SAP Support Portal of the SAP Global Support Backbone. It supports you as follows:

    • It takes you directly to the area of the SAP Software Distribution Center for the product that you have selected for maintenance, in the SAP Service Marketplace.

      You must logon with your S-user. The S-user is your SAP Service Marketplace user ID. For more information, see S-Users in the Maintenance Optimizer.

    • It reads the download basket of your S-user.

    • This is a prerequisite for the approval of selected items in the download basket for download. For more information, see Approve and Download Files in Download Basket.

    • It gets the confirmed items in the maintenance transaction.

  • To specify maintenance transactions, Maintenance Optimizer needs landscape data. This is collected, by default, in the System Landscape Directory, and passed to the Landscape Management Database (transaction LMDB) in SAP Solution Manager for further processing. It is then available to Maintenance Optimizer. For more information about landscape patterns, see Maintenance Strategy.

  • You must download the maintenance files provided by Maintenance Optimizer, using the Download Manager.

  • Optionally, you can extend the functional scope of Maintenance Optimizer by the Software Lifecycle Manager automatic download functions.

  • Depending on the maintenance plan, you can use the following SAP software logistics tools to import the maintenance files provided:

    • SAP Add-On Installation Tool (SAINT)

    • Support Package Manager (SPAM)

    • Java Support Package Manager (JSPM)

    • Software Update Manager (SUM)

    • ABAP Upgrade Program (SAPup)

    • SAP Java Upgrade Program (SAPJup)


Maintenance Optimizer helps you to maintain the implementation status when scheduling and performing maintenance. For more information, see Maintenance Transaction Overview, Maintenance Transaction Steps, and Maintenance Transaction Scenarios.

When you start a new maintenance transaction, you choose a product version. Maintenance Optimizer proposes product systems for the maintenance based on the information obtained. In addition, you can simulate maintenance transactions.

In Maintenance Optimizer, you create a maintenance transaction for one product. For more information, see Manage Logical Landscape Information.

It leads you through the following scenarios, in guided procedures:


More Information

Manual selection of maintenance files

Approve and Download Files in Download Basket


  • With installation of support package stacks

  • With installation of support package stacks for enhancement packages

Maintenance Transaction with Installation of a Support Package Stack

Installation of enhancement packages:

  • Without technical usages

  • With technical usages

Maintenance Transaction with Installation of an Enhancement Package



Include enhancement packages in an upgrade

Upgrade with an Enhancement Package

Get Maintenance Files

You can get maintenance files in the following ways, with Maintenance Optimizer:

  • Manual selection

    • Maintenance Optimizer goes directly to the download area of the SAP Software Distribution Center for the product that you want to maintain.

    • It approves items in the SAP Software Distribution Center download basket. For further information, see Approve and Download Files in Download Basket.

  • Automatic calculation

    • Maintenance Optimizer determines the files to maintain the selected product system landscape, or the components to install an enhancement package. For further information, see Get Download Files Automatically, under Maintenance Transaction Steps.

    • It supports the automatic download of automatically calculated files for product maintenance in your product system.

    • It simplifies the automatic installation of the files calculated for product maintenance in your product system.

General Functions
  • For all scenarios, Maintenance Optimizer collects all the necessary information into one transaction. This includes the users, the system/product combination, to be maintained or installed, the technical systems, and the assigned support package stacks.

  • It manages the downloaded files, in a central directory.

  • You can create an XML-based simulation file, which simulates your start constellation with the current status of the product systems. You start a maintenance transaction in simulation mode, or a regular maintenance transaction, from this simulation file. For more information, see Simulation-Data-Based Maintenance Transaction.

  • The Change Management work center shows an overview of all open and completed maintenance transactions for the user.

    In the Queries view, you can also specify complex queries for all maintenance transactions. For more information, see Complex Product Maintenance Transaction Queries.