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Procedure documentationCreate Messages


You create a message to document problems which occurred when creating the Business Blueprint or in the Configuration.


You have called the Business Blueprint or Configuration transaction.


  1. Go to the structure element in the project structure for which you want to create or change a message.

  2. Choose the Service Messages tab page.

    The system lists all existing messages.

  3. Choose Create.

    The system displays a dialog window in which you can enter your data.

  4. Enter a component, a priority, a processor, a short text and a message text. Use the user names in the SAP System for the processor.

  5. You can also select a component from the application hierarchy, under SAP Components.

    You can use the component later to sort your messages, or convert the message into a message to SAP.

  6. If you want to attach a file to the message, choose the Attachments tab, and upload a file.

  7. Save your entries.


You have created a message. The message can now be processed in the message processing system.

You can change existing messages by choosing Display on the Service Messages tab page and switching to change mode in the following dialog screen.