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Roadmaps are part of the SAP Solution Manager. They contain the standard SAP implementation methodology and cover the most important aspects and phases of a SAP implementation. The Roadmaps provide links to accelerators and tools which perform project tasks.


If you have assigned a Roadmap to your project in the Project Administration (transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN), you can select the milestones of the selected Roadmap, which you want to display in the Milestones Tab in the Project Administration.

For more information, see Project Administration.


View without project link

If you have not yet defined a project in the SAP Solution Manager, or your project is not yet assigned to a Roadmap, the SAP Solution Manager offers you a selection of Roadmaps without project link, when you first call it.

To go from a Roadmap with project link to a Roadmap without project link, choose Start of the navigation path Other Project Next navigation step No Project End of the navigation path and choose a Roadmap.

Roadmaps without project link are display-only.

You can:

  • Navigate in the structure

  • Search for entries in the Roadmap structure

  • Display assigned documents and accelerators

  • Milestones identify the project phases

  • Service packages identify links to the SAP Service Marketplace with information about relevant SAP services

  • Filter the Roadmap structure by roles, topics or flavors

  • Print documents or structures with their documents

  • Download the Roadmap as offline (HTML) version (see Create Offline Variant)

View with project link

Other Project goes to the Roadmap which was assigned to your project in the Project Administration.

If you use a Roadmap in your implementation project, you can use the following functions, as well as the Roadmap without project link functions:

  • Assign keywords for the Roadmap structure elements

  • Assign a status for the Roadmap structure elements

  • Assign project team members to structure elements

  • Filter the Roadmap structure by keywords and project team members assigned

  • Create project-specific notes for the Roadmap structure elements

  • Create project documentation

  • Create messages and change transactions (see Service Messages Tab Page)

  • Download the Roadmap iton MS Project, to create a project plan (see Download Project Structure or Roadmap into MS Project)

See Roadmap with Project Link for further information.

Create a Roadmap

You can copy Roadmaps delivered by SAP, and create your own Roadmaps.

See Create a Roadmap for more information.

Displaying Roadmaps with an SAP UI5 App

With an SAP UI5 App, you can display the contents of roadmaps in browsers on mobile devices.

See Displaying Roadmaps with an SAP UI5 App for more information.