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Procedure documentationCreate and Edit Project/Solution Structure


The project or solution structure is a hierarchical display of all elements which belong to a project or solution, respectively:

  • Master data

  • Organizational units

  • Business scenarios

  • Business Processes

  • Process steps

  • Interface scenarios

  • Interfaces

  • Interface steps


You have created a project or a solution.

If you want to restrict the change options of reused structure elements as soon as you have copied that from projects or solutions, set the global rollout function to active:

  • For a project: Start of the navigation path Project Administration Next navigation step Scope tab page End of the navigation path

  • For one solution: Start of the navigation path Solution Directory Next navigation step Solution Settings End of the navigation path tab

Only in a template project:

  • If you want to reuse scenarios in a template in other projects, you have created a template in the Project Administration, in the Templates tab.

  • If you want to restrict whether and how a scenario can be changed when reusing the template, you have set the Global Rollout Functionality is Active flag in the Templates tab in the Project Administration. For further information, see The Global Attribute in Global Rollout and the Global attribute F1 help.


To call the functions in the table:

  • For projects: Start of the navigation path Implementation/Upgrade work center Next navigation step Planning view Next navigation step Business Blueprint Next navigation step Structure tab End of the navigation path

  • For solutions: Start of the navigation path Implementation/Upgrade work center Next navigation step Evaluate view Next navigation step Solution Directory Next navigation step Solution Landscape Next navigation step <your solution> Next navigation step Solution Settings Next navigation step Structure tab End of the navigation path

For orientation in large tree structures, you can filter by the following assignment criteria:

  • Scope of the top hierarchy node

  • Status

  • Project Team Members

  • Keywords

  • End User Roles

  • Globale Attributes

  • SAP/Customer Attributes

  • Templates

Cross Functions
Create new structure elements
  1. Go to the node in the tree structure.

  2. Create the structure element in the field <structure element>description.

Specify a logical component in projects (see Edit Logical Components).

Select existing structure elements

You can get existing structure elements from the following sources:

  • Projects

  • The Business Process Repository (BPR) delivered by SAP

  • Solutions

You can change copied structure elements independently of the original, e.g. the title. You can copy changes to the original with Compare and Adjust.

To select existing structure elements, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the node in the tree structure.

  2. Choose the value Project, Solution, or Business Process Repository from the Source value help.

    To can copy objects from the BPR with the Extended Search in Business Process Repository, with which you can search the BPR for implementation contents. The value help for the structure element opens the extended search in a new window. Go to this window for the extended BPR search. For more information, see Extended Search in the Business Process Repository.

  3. Choose the structure element from the value help for the field <structure element> name.

  4. In the following overview, select the structure element that you want to copy.

    • Project / Solution: Choose Copy.

      When copying, the logical component of the original is copied to the current system landscape.

      When you copy business processes from a solution or a project, the system refers to existing interfaces. You can edit this reference (external interface). For further information, see Resolve External Interface

    • Business Process Repository: Confirm.

      You can search the overview using the descriptions of business scenarios or filter it by industries.

      You can select suitable structure elements using the products that belong to the defined logical components in your project/solution landscape.

      Note Note

      Following the notes on copying logical components in the application help.

      End of the note.
Link to existing structure elements

You can create a link to existing structure elements

  • in the same project or solution

  • (except template project) from other projects or solutions

You can create shortcuts to the same object type, e.g. from organizational unit to organizational unit. Only the original can be changed.

For solutions, the system also displays the source in link in the business process graphic alerts. Links are also active in the test plan administration. If you have created links between structure nodes, the test plan displays the test cases for the linked nodes in the relevant place in the hierarchy.

To create a link to structure elements in the project or solution:

  1. Select the structure element in the tree structure, to which you want to create a link.

  2. Choose Copy.

  3. Go to the position in the tree structure, at which you want to insert the link.

  4. Choose Insert Link.

To create a link to structure elements in another project or solution:

  1. Choose the value Project or Solution from the value help for Source.

  2. Choose the element from the value help for the field Start of the navigation path <structure element> name Next navigation step Copy as Shortcut End of the navigation path.

The system indicates the shortcut with an icon. To make changes to the original visible in the structure, choose Refresh in the tree structure.

Disband Shortcut

For links to structure elements in the project or solution:

  1. Go to the next-higher structure node, in which you created the link.

  2. Select the row with the link, and choose Delete Row.

  3. Confirm your entry with Delete Entries.

To resolve a link of a structure element to another project or solution, change the structure element into a normal copy. Choose Remove Link.

Generate a copy of structure elements

In the tree structure, you can copy the selected structure elements and insert them again in an appropriate location at the same hierarchy level.

When generating a copy, you make the following settings:

  • Handling of documents

    • Insert as copy: You can change the document independently of the original.

    • Insert as link: Each change to the original is automatically available in your current project / your current solution.

    • Ignore: The document is not copied.

  • Handling of administration data

  • Handling of the global attribute (if a global attribute is assigned to the structure element)

    By default, if a global attribute exists, it is copied.

    If you have additional authorizations as project leader, you can decide how the global attribute is handled when copying structure elements. You can copy the global attribute so that restrictions are retained. Alternatively, you can remove the indicator and therefore generate a copy that can be changed without restrictions.

Where-used list

Choose Where-Used List.

Move structure elements

Move structure elements by Drag&Drop. You can only do this on the same level, for example, process steps only at process step level.

Only template project

To copy a scenario into a template, choose the input help for the field Template.

Only templates which have been assigned to a scenario can be reused later.

The system copies master data and organizational units from the highest structure level into all templates assigned in the Structure tab.

Only implementation project

To remove structure elements from the scope, deselect them in the structure.

Only solutions

You can make structure elements available for business process monitoring. Business process monitoring can only monitor production structure elements.

Choose the value Production from the value help for the field Status.