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  Create Task to Send Session Data


The Send Session Data task sends data which has already been collected andsent by a previous Get Session Data task. The session data can only be sent to the system that requested it.

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The Send Session Data is normally used only by SAP service engineers.

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To create a task to send session data:

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Task Next navigation step Create End of the navigation path.

    You go to a dialog box.

  2. Choose Send Session Data and Continue.

    You go to a dialog box.

  3. Specify the number of the session whose data is to be sent.

  4. Choose Continue.

    A dialog box shows the following information.

    Destination: Displays the SAP RFC destination of the system that requested the data, and to which the session data will be sent. The session data can only be sent to the system that requested it.

    Task-Specific Settings: The original settings for this session are displayed. The original settings for tasks of type Get Session Data are used here.

  5. Schedule the task.

  6. Choose Continue.

    A new background task is created, and its task number is displayed.

To display the original settings for this Get Session Data task:

  1. Call the Completed view.

  2. Select the original Get Session Data task.

  3. Display the attributes of this task.

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