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  "Deleted“ View


When a task is deleted, it is displayed in the Deleted view.

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If a task is deleted by mistake, it can be reactivated.

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Functional Scope

The following information is displayed:


The status of some tasks is indicated by an icon.

For further information, double-click on the Execute icon.

Task ID

A unique number which identifies a task.


If a task is assigned to a session, the session number will be displayed.

Task Name:

The task name specifies the type of task executed. Several tasks can have the same name.

Task date and time

The date and time for which a task is scheduled.

When the task processor runs, it automatically processes tasks which are scheduled in the past.

Task system ID, installation number

The ID and installation number of the system with which the task communicates.

Download data

You can display the service data by double-click.


Doubl-click on the Info symbol to get further information about a task.

Session data

Indicates whether session data is available. If there is data, you can open the session data viewer by double-click.


You can display scheduling data and technical information by double-click. Choose expert mode in the information dialog box, to change the scheduled date or time of a task.


Indicates whether a detail log was written for a task. Double-click the icon to display the log.

Task icon:

Additional information, for example, whether the task has been rescheduled.

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