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 Using Synchronization Groups for Stand-Alone HR


This process uses synchronisation groups predefined by SAP to compare and synchronize customizing in "stand-alone HR" (one HR and one non-HR system). The stand-alone HR is divided among various ALE scenarios. You can use one or more synchronization groups for each of these scenarios. If you use these synchronization groups, you do not have to find out yourself, and manually specify, which customizing objects you need for the various ALE scenarios.

Note Note

The process describes a standard situation, in which you have one HR and one non-HR system. If you use a different system landscape, you must create your own appropriate synchronization groups with the synchronization group editor.

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You have checked which scenarios you are using for the stand-alone HR. You can do this with a test program in the ALE implementation guide (ALE IMG), under Start of the navigation path Model and Implement Business Processes Next navigation step Configure Predefined ALE Business Processes Next navigation step Auto-Customizing End of the navigation path , which checks which settings are active in the IMG, and shows which interfaces are being used.

Process Flow

  1. Start the synchronization group editor.

    The editor displays all the SAP predefined synchronization groups.

  2. Choose the synchronization groups COPY_FOR_USE and COPY_FOR_USE_A, and copy them.

    The system copies the synchronization groups into the customer namespace. You can now edit the copies. Both synchronization groups already contain synchronization objects for general settings.

  3. You choose the predefined synchronization groups which match the interfaces which you have implemented.

    The synchronization groups have the same name as the corresponding interfaces which were named in the IMG for ALE.

  4. Drag & Drop the selected synchronization groups into the synchronization groups created in step 2, taking account of the synchronization direction.


You can use the synchronization group to compare the customizing between an HR system and a non-HR system with the Customizing Scout , or distribute it with the Customizing Distribution .