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Function documentationTable of Analysis Projects


The Solution Documentation Assistant gives you an overview of the existing analysis projects, and displays them in a table. You can use the table, for example, to search for and open an analysis project.


You have called the Analysis Projects view in the Solution Documentation Assistant.


The table of analysis projects is in the Analysis Projects area.

For each analysis project, the standard view of the table displays:

  • Analysis project name, given when it was created

  • Source of the analysis project. Each analysis project has a source, for example, a Solution Manager project, a solution, or an uploaded analysis project.

    If an analysis project is based on a Solution Manager project, the ID of the Solution Manager project is displayed. If it is based on a solution, the description of the solution is displayed. If it is based on an uploaded analysis project, the name of the uploaded analysis project is displayed.

  • Analysis project source type, for example, Solution Manager Project, Solution or File.

  • Time when the analysis project was created

  • User who created the analysis project

In the standard view, the analysis projects are sorted by creation time. The most recently created projects are at the top of the table.


Note Note

When analysis projects are deleted:

  • All of the related analyses are deleted.

  • The check steps used in the analyses remain in the rule database and are not deleted.

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