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Procedure documentationSpecify Scope of the Change Events Using Transport Requests


You use this procedure to analyze the impact of specific transport requests. You are not restricted to your own transport requests but can also select delivery transports from SAP.


You use change request management.


  1. Expand the information area Change Impact Analysis.

  2. Select the Transport Requests impact analysis type.

  3. Choose the input help for the Request/Task field.

    A dialog opens for selecting requests.

  4. Enter the transport request selection data

  5. Choose Find.

  6. Select the required transport requests.

  7. Choose OK.

    Note Note

    Alternatively, you can upload a list of transport requests in csv format. To check the required data structure, do the following

    1. Choose Upload.

      A dialog box appears.

    2. Choose Quick Help.

    End of the note.

    The selected transport requests are copied into the change impact analysis selection screen.


You installed a support package without using the Maintenance Optimizer. When you search for support packages or enhancement packages, you receive no hits. By searching for transport requests, you can filter by the corresponding piece lists (Piece List for Support Package (D) or Piece List for Upgrade (P).