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Procedure documentationCreate Template Test Plan


This procedure creates a test plan which you can reuse as a template for an implementation project.

Recommendation Recommendation

Create a template test plan if you want to reuse a test plan in several implementation projects. You then do not need to create the following data manually in each implementation project, you can copy it from the template:

  • Test packages

  • Test sequences

  • Tester assignment

For further information about using templates, see Using a Template.

End of the recommendation.


  • You know the procedure to create a test plan for a project (see Create Test Plan for a Project). The same prerequisites apply.

  • You have created a template project and its templates.

    Note Note

    You can only create template test plans for a Template Project.

    End of the note.
  • You have opened the test plan management.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Test Plan Next navigation step Create End of the navigation path.

    You go to a dialog box to create basic attributes.

  2. Enter the following data:

    • Choose a Solution Manager project of type Template from the value help.

    • Formulate a title.

  3. Choose Continue.

    You go to the next screen.

  4. Under Test Plan Type, choose Template Test Plan, and assign a template from the input help.

  5. You can enter additional data, and choose Continue.

    You go to the Test Plan Structure display.

  6. Choose test cases in the test plan structure.You can do this as follows:

    • via the higher-level structure nodes, for entire hierarchy levels

    • individually, at the end of a structure branch

  7. Choose Generate Test Plan.

    The system generates the template test plan according to your settings, and goes back to the initial screen.

  8. To achieve the efficiency increase of a test plan template, you must first assign the following to the template test plan:

    • Test packages

    • Test sequences

    • Tester assignment

    For more information, see: