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Procedure documentationEnhance TBOM


You can enhance a TBOM, by taking different paths through a transaction, one after the other. The objects affected are listed in the TBOM enhancements. The TBOM is the sum of all objects in all enhancements.


You have created a TBOM for an executable entity. The selected TBOM is not locked by another user. There is no recording task for a TBOM enhancement.


  1. Open the attributes of the executable entity whose TBOM you wish to enhance.

  2. Choose the TBOM tab.

  3. Choose Enhancements.

    The Enhancements dialog shows all enhancements of the selected TBOM. The first enhancement contains the objects in the initial TBOM recording.

  4. Choose Create.

  5. Choose whether to create the enhancement dynamically or statically. For more information about the creation types, see Create TBOM.

  6. Save your entries.