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Function documentationChange Control Management Using Central Change and Transport System


You can use the central Change and Transport System (central CTS) with SAP Solution Manager Change Control Management (Change Request Management and Quality Gate Management). Central CTS is the transport foundation; Change Request Management and QGM (Quality Gate Management) manage the change control process, and provide the user interfaces.

For each new project, you can decide whether you want to use CTS or central CTS.

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If you activate central CTS for your project, several functions in Change Request Management and Quality Gate Management have enhanced features. These are described in the documentation of each function. For more information, see Using Central CTS with Change Request Management and QGM Projects.

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Central CTS provides a technical infrastructure for the enhanced flexibility functions in Change Control Management. It is delivered as the CTS Plug-In add-on, which is part of the SAP Solution Manager 7.1 stack, as of Support Package 05. For central CTS, you need a central CTS server, the SAP Solution Manager system, and managed systems which are connected to the central CTS server and can be controlled by it.

For more information on how to set up central CTS for Change Control Management, see Configuring Central Change and Transport System - Overview.


After activating central CTS for your project, you can use the following functions:

  • Flexible project assignment of transport requests, even after their release

  • Synchronous control and monitoring of parallel transport routes

  • Prevention of conflicts between central transport control and local transport administration (local Transport Management System — STMS)

  • Combine individual systems (different applications) to reflect semantic dependencies

  • Synchronize transports requests, if the resolution of an issue involves different applications.

  • Bundle transports if more than one transport request is to be imported to complete the issue (for example, initial change and corrections)

  • Ensure that only the most recent version of an object is imported, and no objects are overwritten (Downgrade Protection)

  • Enhanced unification of ABAP and non-ABAP transports

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