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Function documentationDevelopment Tab Page


To fill out the Development tab page, you have to specify the technical name of the development object types and the allowed logical components and objects.


The following development object types are allowed:

  • BMDD: Document

  • BMTR: Transport request

  • CLAS: Class/interface

  • DEVC: Package

  • ENHO: Enhancement implementation

  • FUGR: Function group

  • FUNC: Function module

  • IASP: Internet service

  • PROG: Program

  • REPS: Include

  • SFPF: Form

  • TABL: Table

  • TRAN: Transaction

  • WAPA: BSP application

  • WDYA: Web Dynpro application

  • WDYA: Web Dynpro component/interface

  • WEBI: Enterprise service definition

  • WTAG : BSP extension

  • XI: BAdI implementation

The template file contains an example of each development object type.


  • The allowed logical components are the values on the System Landscape tab page in the Project Administration tab page.

  • The object is the identification of the development object specified in the system, for example, SE80 for the object type Transaction.

  • Optional fields

    • Processing Status: The values for the processing status must be specified on the Project Standards tab page in Project Administration.

    • Development Manager: The person responsible for development must be specified as a project team member in Project Administration. Specify the user name.

  • Special handling of documents as development objects

    • The ID (in this case, all other entries are ignored) or name, documentation type, and path or URL are required.

For more information, see the documentation for the Project Documentation Tab Page. The Blueprint-Relevant field described here is not available for documents as development objects.