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Procedure documentationImporting Transport Requests


The corresponding Q-Gate must have been passed before you can import transport requests into a follow-on system.


  1. Access the Transports tab in the lower section, and put the cursor on the transport request that you want to import.

  2. Choose the Import Transport Request pushbutton.

  3. A dialog box displays, in which you can enter the import parameters for the transport request.

  4. If necessary, change the logical target system into which the import is to be carried out.

  5. There are three tabs in this dialog box:

    • Date: You can specify whether to import the data immediately or later. For more information, see Start Import: Time.

    • Execution: You specify whether to have a synchronous or an asynchronous import. For more information, see Import: Execution.

    • Options: You have several different options for importing, which you can checkmark. These are explained in Import: Options.

  6. Enter the required parameters, and choose OK.

  7. The import runs immediately or later, depending on your entry.